Training topics

My training can cover whatever topics in mental health the commissioner wishes it to. These include:-

  • What are mental health and mental distress?
  • Signs and symptoms of common and less common mental health problems
  • Up-to-date research about the impact of mental health in the workplace
  • Barriers to talking about mental health at work and how to overcome them
  • How organisations can promote mental well-being for all staff
  • Organisational structures and job roles that carry particular risks to mental health at work
  • Responding effectively to callers or clients who are experiencing mental distress
  • The Equality Act 2010 and the legal obligations it places on organisations
  • How mental health problems become manifest at work
  • Stress: what it is, how to talk about it and how to help staff to identify and manage it more effectively
  • Ways to improve the openness of discussions about mental health at work
  • Strategies to support staff who are experiencing mental distress to remain at work
  • Support staff who are on sickness absence to successfully return to work
  • Recognising and actively reducing ‘presenteeism’
  • Best practice around performance management when an employee has a mental health problem
  • Counselling and coaching skills
  • Effective approaches to difficult conversations
  • Strategies for staff to better manage their own mental health in modern, fast-paced working environments, including remote working

Sample course outlines give potential purchasers some ideas for their own course.

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