Supporting younger people working from home

Course aims – by the end of this course delegates will have:

  • more awareness of the particular impact that the pandemic and lock down are having on people who entered the workforce relatively recently
  • understood the imperatives for organisations and managers to adapt their expectations, roles and means of communication
  • an overview of the typical mental health problems experienced by younger people, and an understanding of the legal duties of an organisation if an employee discloses a disability
  • learnt strategies to support, develop and retain younger people in the workforce

Course outline

  • mental health in the 21st century and the challenges to achieving and maintaining it
  • generational differences in the workplace and how these are affecting experiences of working from home
  • depression, anxiety and isolation in younger people
  • understanding stress and developing strategies to manage it
  • the Equality Act 2010 and reasonable adjustments
  • adjusting workplace systems and management techniques to better meet the needs of younger people
  • recognising the unique and positive qualities that younger people bring to the workplace
  • helping newer workers to develop resilience
  • guidelines for effective relationships and communication with newer workers
  • strategies to retain younger workers

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