Supporting staff through restructuring

Restructuring impacts staff mental health across an organisation. It creates particular challenges in the current climate of remote working, and forces all of us to face worrying uncertainty about the future. While we may understand the rationale behind difficult decisions, the force of our emotional responses can take us by surprise.

This workshop aims to increase awareness about the psychological impact of restructuring on all levels of staff. It covers the range of psychological responses which, although to be expected, can be difficult for individuals and their colleagues to process and work through. It also clarifies the responsibilities that organisations have to staff who have disclosed a mental health problem.

Workshop outline – by the end of the workshop delegates will have:

  • more understanding about the psychological impact of threatened redundancy across an organisation
  • insight into the concerns, issues and challenges that will typically arise
  • good practice guidelines to talk about restructuring and redundancy, including when someone has disclosed a mental health problem
  • understood the power of reflective listening
  • reviewed internal and external sources of practical and emotional support
  • considered how to look after their own mental health; knowing when and where to seek help.

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