Remote Training

The C19 pandemic and lock down have radically changed the way we are living, working and interacting. There are plenty of excellent ‘top tips’ available to help us manage working from home or being furloghed, but it’s apparent that many people and workplaces are struggling.

Staff working at home may be extremely isolated, or trying to provide childcare at the same time. Many are living in households situations that they would never have planned to work from full-time for many months. Although furlough initially provided many overly stretched workers with some much needed downtime, anxiety and depression appear to be increasing. Key workers and others who have continued to work outside of the home are experiencing severe stress responses and exhaustion.

Although many of us are feeling a little Zoomed-out, it can be immensely valuable to use remote training/consultancy to provide a ‘thinking space’ to consider how your organisation can continue to work effectively in these challenging times. Senior management may benefit from guidance about how to support employee’s mental well-being at home and when planning their transition back to the workplace. Managing people remotely provides particular challenges that tend to increase over time; training can help up-skill managers and increase their confidence in having difficult conversations. Participants on previous remote training courses have said that they’ve found a forum dedicated to their mental well-being useful and validating.Edit

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