Recognising and managing burn out

The World Health Organisation was explicit in identifying burn out as a occupational phenomena in its ICD-11 in May 2019; the way we live and work in the 21st century are presenting increasing risks to our physical and mental health. The Covid-19 pandemic and remote working have added to our strain, while ongoing and changeable lock down restrictions have left most people feeling deleted of resources.

This workshop will explore what we mean by burn out and how it manifests both in and outside of the working environment. It will consider contributory factors, and who is more likely to be affected by burn out. The workshop will also provide opportunity for people to take steps to reduce their likelihood of burn out, or action to reduce its impact if they are experiencing it.

Workshop outline – by the end of the workshop delegates will have:

  • greater understanding of what we mean by burn out and why it is of particular concern to the WHO
  • more awareness of the stages of burn out and how they manifest in individuals
  • explored how modern working practices are leading to increasing levels of burn out
  • more understanding of the impact of burn out on mental health
  • created a personal self-care and stress management plan
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