One day ‘Supporting customers experiencing mental distress’ course

Course aims – by the end of this training delegates will have:-

  • increased awareness about how mental distress can impact on a person’s communication and behaviour
  • more confidence in building rapport with service users while maintaining personal and organisational boundaries
  • greater insight into the challenges involved in supporting customers experiencing mental distress, and a clearer sense of the impact this has on them
  • more knowledge and resources to help look after their own mental well-being

Course outline

  • what we mean by mental health and distress
  • the range of mental health problems and the support and treatment available
  • types of communication that may be symptomatic of mental distress
  • how workers can proceed if they are concerned about a customer’s mental health
  • an introduction to the principles of mental health first aid
  • recognising and responding effectively to expressions of anxiety
  • helpful responses when people are expressing strong feelings like anger or fear
  • guidelines for engaging when someone is expressing paranoid or very unusual thoughts
  • techniques to supportively end a meeting or phone call
  • reflecting on personal stress – triggers, how it manifests and coping strategies
  • recognising the impact of prolonged contact with the general public and proactively looking after your own mental well-being
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