Managing mental health at work remotely

Course aims – by the end of this course delegates will have: 

  • increased understanding about the specific challenges to mental health that the global pandemic and lock down are having, and how these are affecting people in their work
  • information about legal and organisational frameworks and the duties and limitations of line managers
  • greater confidence in line managing people who are experiencing mental distress remotely, including when there are performance issues
  • understood the importance of proactively looking after their own mental well-being at work, and how to role model and support those that they manage

Course outline

  • what we mean by mental health and mental distress
  • common psychological effects of working under lock down; depression, anxiety and traumatic stress responses
  • supporting people who have pre-existing mental health problems, including less commonly diagnosed conditions like bi polar affective disorder and psychosis
  • stress – what it is, how we can talk about it and strategies to reduce its negative impact
  • the legal duties that the Equality Act 2010 places on organisations
  • identifying mental distress when working remotely
  • keeping mental well-being on the agenda
  • enabling clear channels of communication: active listening and reflecting back
  • managing performance issues when someone has an known disability
  • guidelines for managing tricky conversations
  • looking after your own mental well-being at work
  • up-to-date information, support and resources available to people experiencing mental distress
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