Looking after your mental health during times of change

Course aims – by the end of this course delegates will have:

  • an enhanced understanding of the psychological impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions
  • reflected on the mental health challenges facing individuals and organisations as people contemplate returning to the workplace
  • a detailed understanding of stress and anxiety and how they affect us emotionally, cognitively, physically and socially
  • created a personal stress-management plan

Course outline:

  • reflecting on a year into the pandemic – losses, gains, fears, concerns and hopes
  • up-to-date research about the long-term effects of quarantine restrictions and mental health in the UK
  • stress and anxiety – what they are, how they affect us and how we can best manage them
  • proactive resilience – the ‘stress bucket’ model
  • the process of ‘burn out’ and recognising it in ourselves and others
  • avoiding burn out and taking action to mitigate its negative effects
  • cognitive-behavioural approaches – how our own thought processes cause us problems and how we can overcome this
  • thinking through returning to the workplace; how the ‘new normal’ will differ from the old
  • internal and external resources available to support people experiencing mental distress
  • creating a personal plan to look after your own mental health
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