Looking after your mental health at work (open access)

Course aims – by the end of this course delegates will have:

  • more information about the psychological impact of the pandemic and lock down
  • a detailed understanding of anxiety and stress, including traumatic stress, and how it impacts us physically, emotionally, cognitively and socially
  • reflected on their own mental health and considered what steps to take to better manage it
  • more information about the broader legal frameworks around mental health at work, and the resources and support available

Course outline

  • what we know about the impact of global pandemics and lock down on mental health
  • stress: the physiological and psychological components of stress and how these affect well-being and performance
  • remaining productive while experiencing anxiety and/or depression
  • the barriers to talking about mental health at work and how individuals and teams can take steps to overcome them
  • cognitive-behavioural approaches and the connections between low mood, stress and decision-making
  • internal and external resources and support available, including EAPs, Mindfulness, relevant apps and helplines

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