How online training can help

Staff working at home may be extremely isolated, or overwhelmed trying to continually multi-task competing demands. Many are living in household situations that they would never have planned to work from full-time, for many months. Some organisations are facing difficulty redundancy decisions following a period of staff being furloughed; unsurprisingly, anxiety and depression are increasing. Key workers and others who have continued to work outside of the home are experiencing severe traumatic stress responses and exhaustion.

Distanced training in mental health lets employees know that their mental health is being taken seriously. It provides a valuable opportunity to focus on the specific challenges faced by organisations and individuals, and share ideas and experiences about what helps. Group discussions can identify what’s working for people with pre-existing mental health problems and those without. Considerations of how support needs are evolving as some of us are anticipating working remotely for months to come and some of us will be returning to the workplace are also crucial at the moment.

Distanced learning is as flexible as you need it to be.

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