How does online training work?

Although many of us are feeling a little Zoomed-out, it’s immensely valuable to use remote training/consultancy to provide a ‘thinking space’ to consider how your organisation can continue to work effectively in these challenging times. Senior management may benefit from guidance about how to support employee’s mental well-being at home and when planning transitions back to the workplace. Managing people remotely creates particular challenges that tend to multiply over time; training can help upskill managers and increase their confidence in having tricky but necessary conversations. Participants on previous remote training courses have said that they’ve found a forum dedicated to their mental well-being useful and validating.

Distanced training can take place at a time that is convenient to you. Half day courses or a several shorter sessions work better remotely than the traditional full training day. Participants will need access to a laptop or PC and be able to download Zoom, MS Teams (or another platform of your choice) free of charge. I can provide sessions for up to 20 people at a time, or for as few participants as you need.

Exercise sheets and supporting handouts can be sent this via the platform or email.

Online training can cover the exact topics that will be useful to your organisation.

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