Why should we invest in mental health training? Stress, anxiety and depression are the leading causes of long-term sickness absence in the UK, costing employers over £46 billion each year. Quality training for all staff, especially line managers, promotes well-being, increases productivity and motivation and ensures that organisations can respond swiftly and confidently when stress or mental health problems impact on their teams.

Where do you deliver training? Up to March 2020, my training was in-house – I came to you. This is still possible potentially, although the majority of my training is currently online. I’m based in London and most of my work is in London and the SE, although I also work throughout the UK.

How much does your training cost? Costs depend on the length of the course and the client – charities and small organisations are charged at a lower rate. My prices are highly competitive and include a bespoke course and all training materials.

What does your training cover? I create and deliver training in all aspects of mental health, although have developed a particular interest and specialism in mental health at work. Do contact me with specific questions or queries.

Can anyone attend the training and, if so, how many people can come on each course? My training is suitable for people of all educational backgrounds and work roles. Experience suggests that a maximum of 16 delegates is optimal, although more can be accommodated if people are keen to attend.

We’re quite a new and unique organisation – can you create a course for us? Yes! I speak to each commissioner to get a detailed understanding of your training needs and learning objectives, then draw on years of training experience to create a course that delivers what you want it to, within a broader context of legal frameworks and good practice.

How do you keep personal data secure? Please see my data privacy statement here.

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